The duration of one session might differ from person to person. You get to consult with Sanjay Sethi in one on one sessions, where you can discuss all your concerns. It is either a face-to-face session or a telephone or video call. The general duration is 1-2 hours, but it can also exceed according to your needs.

Connecting with Attiaa can benefit you in many ways. He is by far the best numerologist in India. In his one-on-one sessions, the guests get to go through Astro-numerological analysis sessions. The consultation will calculate your past, present, and future circumstances. He also suggests effective Vedic remedies for your problems

Booking appointments for a numerology session with Attiaa is very easy. You can simply visit their website and click on the appointment button on the homepage. Or, you will also see a pop-up form for registering with us. Just enter your details and we will get back to you.

Attiaa is a famous numerologist in India with whom you can discuss all your major concerns related to your professional or personal life. In the one-on-one session, you can ask questions related to health, career, finance, relationship, marriage, etc.